Where do you ship to? 

As we're an Australian-based small business, we currently ship from Australia to everywhere else including United States, Canada, Asia Pacific, Europe etc. 

How long is processing time?

The time it takes for us to prepare your order for dispatch is usually 1-5 business days. However, for custom orders, the processing time will vary. 

Where is my order? 

To keep shipping fees low, we only offer untracked shipping for flat items (e.g. sticker sheets and art prints). This means that we will be unable to track the item after it has been shipped.

If you're worried about your items getting lost, feel free to contact us and we will try our best to organise tracking with your order (please note this will be subsequent to additional shipping fees*). 

However, all keycap orders will come with TRACKED shipping. (Tracking number will be provided to you once we ship the item) 

Due to the current global pandemic, you may experience a delay in your order for up to 2-3 weeks in Australia and 12-16 weeks on top of transit times for international orders. 

Please note that the post office is also receiving an influx of online orders lately so we do apologise in advance if your order is taking longer than expected.

By any chance if your order does not arrive after these estimated times, please feel free to contact us about your package. 

Returns and Refunds 

We unfortunately do not accept returns, refunds or exchanges. 

Due to the nature of our products being handmade goods, the items we sell are final and therefore we will not provide a refund if you change your mind or no longer want the item AFTER the product has been shipped. However, there will be exceptions (e.g. if the item arrives damaged, we will offer a full refund or find a way to compensate).

If the address you provided to us happens to be wrong, we will not be responsible for re-sending or refunding the order. 

Please always double check to see if the address you have provided to us is correct. If you have already placed an order but later realise you have typed the wrong information, please contact us immediately and we will do our best to update it in our system before it gets shipped out. 

Care Instructions (for stickers)

As our stickers are made from paper material, we do NOT reccomend putting stickers on surfaces constantly exposed to water as this may damage their quality over time. 

We do have waterproof stickers that are water bottle safe available, but we advise our customers to read the description of each of our products carefully before making a purchase. 

Care Instructions (for keycaps)

Please note that our policy does not accept refunds or replacements if a customer damages/breaks their keycap. 

Each of our keycaps are a hand-crafted product, therefore, they are fragile pieces and should be handled with extreme care especially when removing them on and off the keyboard. 

We suggest our customers to use their fingers to remove their keycap/s instead of removal by a keycap puller as this can scrape and damage the sides of the design. (Remember to also remove all surrounding keycaps before taking off our artisan keycap).

If you would like to clean your keycap, please do NOT use any harsh chemicals. You can clean the keycap simply by using cold water and wiping it down with a wet wipe. 

However, if a keycap happens to arrive damaged/broken during the shipping process, please reach out to us and we will find a way to compensate. 

Sizing details 

All of our products vary in size depending on the design. The sizing of each product is written in the description of the listing. If you have any questions about custom orders, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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